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About Us
I have been a guitarist and musician for over 30 years. Playing in bands since I was 14. I have been doing mods and repairs of all kinds for decades. Building guitars kind of comes natural to me since I have worked with wood all of my life. I grew up in rural Ohio in a farm family. My father is a master carpenter. We have operated a sawmill and lumber product company since the 50's. From logs to lumber to finished products. My love for music and wood seem to have gone hand in hand. My passion for both have led me on this current path of making the best guitars that I can.
  I have owned and played too many guitars over the years that have left me wanting.  Guitars that have cut short of what they could have been,because of the lack of attention to detail, that a factory produced guitar can not produce consistently if at all.  Thats were the handmade instrument comes to play.
 My work ethic has that of old school values. I don't wish to grow to a point of a factory where detail has to becomes less of a priority.  My ambition is simply  making the best guitars that I can so that a quality instrument is produced to be an inspiration to play for generations to come. 

Bucyrus, OH
Currently by appointment  (419)563-4447
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