Eichhorn Guitars - Handmade Custom Guitars
Musical instruments are a unique art form that have the potential to offer an experience that will go beyond the material boundaries of its construction .  Musical instruments are extensions of ourselves and our feelings. The guitar is a piece of art with much potential in its design . As an instrument it must facilitate and inspire the player to feel free to explore with ease. As an artist and craftsman,  I must focus my skills to  accurately develop the unique vision of the guitar the customer has. For this to happen every aspect of the guitar is to be defined in as clear and precise wording and description as possible. I must take what is being communicated to me and interpret what is being described to me by comparison and the needs and wants and put this in perspective and balance with the visual and technical aspects both sonicly  and ergonomically.  Thus my goal is to transform the customers vision into what they want and need to have a tool that will extend themselves.   We can start from a design base already proven or we can start from scratch with in certain limits of balance.  The final product will be as unique or familiar as you want within the limits of our imagination.
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